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The first step is getting together and coming up with a plan. It's obvious what you want - more traffic, better conversions, better click throughs, and so on - but we (you and us) will work on ways to best make that happen. We'll come up with time frames and develop a vision on what you want and how we can achieve it in the most economical way. Once we come up with several unique ideas in marketing your website and business, we move on to researching our ideas.



Once we strategize an effective plan of action, we'll research other, potentially better, options, as well as other ideas. Our in depth research, once completed, will be reported to you. We can then fine tune everything and begin to put our plan in action. We can reach various markets and use multiple tools and websites to our advantage. For example, we can use social media or use videos on youtube... The list goes on and the sky's the limit. Our research and unique approach nets quality results while keeping your website and brand memorable and interesting to your audience.



After coming up with ideas and a basic game plan, then researching that game plan with other ideas and options, we're ready for action! We'll get together with you to share our ideas, research analysis, and begin implementing your marketing campaign. Throughout the process, you'll be given updates, shown results and effectiveness as we continue to market your website. We can focus on marketing your website locally, regionally and/or globally. In every case, our marketing services focuses on getting you results! Some examples of "results" are gaining more targeted visitors, getting more customers, improving your conversions and improving your click throughs.

Marketing and SEO

Online Marketing and SEO go hand in hand. The goal, in a broad sense, is the same thing - get interested, targeted visitors on your website. Both effective SEO and marketing your website online do just that - they get your website in front of more people. We like to use a host of outlets to market your website, including twitter, youtube and facebook. While we think facebook is the least effective marketing outlet of the top 5 or so most popular social media outlets, we still run facebook campaigns. We do enough so that you look current and not completely out of the loop. However, Facebook, in it's current model, is not the best place to invest your money.

marketing servicesMarketing Outlets

youtube marketing
Whether it's helping you create videos, getting videos uploaded on youtube, or helping you get visitors watching your video, we got you covered!
twitter marketing
We can effectively grow your twitter audience with the combination of good tweets and getting those tweets in front of your targeted audience.
facebook marketing
We have various strategies to get you more facebook likes and shared posts, as well as converting some facebook users into actual customers.
press release marketing
Press Release
What better way to annouce a new product or service, even a re-launch or updated website than via a press release? We can come up with exciting news to release to the masses.
directory listings
Local Directories
While directories are by and large yesterday's news, you can still gain quality backlinks and some traffic from some of the top credible directories.
directory listings
An interesting and updated regularly blog can be huge! It can be used to bring ideas to the table, comments and debate by way of visitor comments, all of which nets returned visitors.

Professional Services

You will get results or it's on us!

With Superior Web Group you not only get professional website services, but you get it with the assurance that if we don't deliver on our promises, it's on us! Few seo firms or marketing firms offer that, and the firms that do, are likely the firms that know what they are doing. We treat each website as if it's our own website. We look out for what's best for your website and avoid doing things that are waste of time and money. Ultimately, when you're ready to get real results, whether that's SEO, Marketing or Reputation Management, by people who know what they're doing, get in touch with us! The combination of results, affordability and ethical techniques that will have a lasting positive impact, is the formula needed to help your small business succeed online.