Testimonials & Reviews

Below are just some testimonials and reviews from a few of our clients.

Extremely Happy
Commercial Roof Coatings

I'm extremely happy with the level of service we received. I'm glad I came across them when I decided to have a website, and they did everything from getting our website up to creating our logo and even desinging our business card.

I was still a little skeptical the investment would pay off, as I didn't know how many people actually go to the web to search for roofing contractors, until we got our first job from the web. Again, I'm extremely happy and would suggest Joe to anyone.

Impressive Work
Safety Improvement

You can rely on these guys for anything website related! Our website is ranking #1 for all sort of keyword phrases and we're consistently getting inquiries and jobs from web searches.

We went from being nonexistent on the net to an authoritative website in the rumble strip industry. If you're looking for someone who does impressive work, you're at the right place, give them a call!

Exceptional Service
Credit Yoda

I've been in the financial sector for well over 2 decades. I know finances, but didn't know the first thing about a website. These guys made it all very easy on me.

From the very beginning, they treated my website like it was truly their own. They took my vision and turned it into a reality with their exceptional service.

We're So Happy
Pithy Politics

My wife and I wanted to get into expressing our thoughts and opinions about the current state of the economy... We needed an outlet for it, and you guys made it effortless.

Joe and Rick both were extremely helpful in getting us all set up with a wordpress blog. We're so happy; it's truly effortless for either of us to post our thoughts and it's even ranking very well!

I would Recommend

We've used these guys to help us gain some relevant backlinks and improve our overall ranking. We also needed someone across the pond to help market our services to the American market.

I would recommend them simply due to them doing what they said they would do with real results. I have no problem saying they are true professionals and will exceed your expectations.

Professional Website Services

  • Ethical SEO
    We can help you improve your ranking, get more visitors and build quality relevant backlinks. We do all of this and more using ethical tactics and white hat techniques.
  • Professional Marketing
    We can effectively market your website & business locally, regionally and/or globally.
  • Reputation Management
    We can help you rebuild your online reputation or help you establish a good reputation online. Don't waste another day waiting on improving your reputation; start building a positive reputation today.
  • Web Design & Customization
    We'll help you develop your vision & create a beautiful website or logo. We can also help you customize a template or assist you with changing the layout and/or color scheme.
  • Social Media Services
    Establish a social precence or improve on your social status! An impressive social media status builds confidence with new visitors.
  • SEO Store
    Buy Backlinks, seo packages, twitter follower, facebook likes, google plus votes and much more.

Quality Website Services

With us, you can count on quality website services and an absolute commitment to excellence.

Since 2002, we've been helping people with search engine optimization, website designs, marketing their product(s) and service(s). We've been helping people get into social media, as well as, helping them build an audience. We've helped people from getting their business website on the web for the first time to building their brand. We want you to think of Superior Web Group as your place for seo help and web services with a focus on getting small businesses to succeed online.

With that said, there are 2 kinds of website service firms... One practices white hat techniques, which uses ethical measures to improve your website now and going foward for the long haul. There's also black hat techniques, which is the practice of cutting corners and risking a customer's website. They sometimes get short term positive impacts, but eventually the tactics get figured out and the website gets penalized.

black hat seo

Don't risk your ranking, your reputation and your success by using 1 of the many unethical seo firms.

Now that Google has rolled out Penguin 2.0, it matters now more then ever to optimize in a natural looking way. This means no more junkie or spammy links and no more black hat tactics. By doing so, you can risk being penalized or banned!
white hat seo

Go with a company that will treat your website like their own, with your best interests and goals in mind!

We know how to effectively improve your website in multiple aspects. From simple usability improvements to strategic marketing tactics, we can help! No matter how big or how small, whether you're looking for relevant backlinks or professional seo, we can help!