Transform Your Blog Into a SEO Machine

seo and social media tips for your blog

Most of us have a blog, whether we have product or service that’s a main focus or if blogging is our stand alone website, most of us have one… It’s an excellent way to reach your audience, get into topics and with comments, it’s a great way to interact. So the fact that it’s an important part of your website should translate to it needing to be search engine optimized. After all, if you’re writing an excellent post and no one knows or sees it, you’re not getting that much out of it. So how do you turn your blog into a well optimized SEO machine…

Optimize Optimize Optimize

It should go without saying but optimize every aspect of your blog. Blogging can help your seo efforts by positioning your website as a relevant answer to a potential customer’s search. If you’re content is good, informative and useful, you may even be able to gain some organic backlinks. The higher your blog post can rank, the more potential customers could visit your site. Here are some good ways to optimize your blog:

  • Use Interesting Post Title for your Blog Post.
  • Use Your Keywords in Your Blog Post URL.
  • Use Quality Keyword Heading (H2-H6) Tags.
  • Use Image Alt Tags using Keywords for Images.
  • Use Good Internal Relevant Textlinks.
  • Use Unique Meta Description for Your Blog Post.

SEM Right for Your Blog?

Before you ask yourself this, you have to first know the difference between SEO and SEM aka search engine marketing. In a nutshell, SEO is the techniques used in having a website rank well on the search engine results page (SERP). SEM is getting the same results but by paying for those advertisements shown before the actual search results. You have to decide what’s the best result, often times, a combination of both nets the best results.

If you’re interested in either, we offer both SEM and SEO services that can help you obtain your goals. Contact us to find out more.

SEO Marketing for Blog Posts

Social Media Marketing for your Blog Post

So another great way to search engine optimize your blog is the use of social media. The use of social media can bring in more traffic, create more backlinks, and improve your overall brand awareness. To be effective at social media marketing, you have to ask yourself:

1. Am I on the right mix of social media platforms?

Not all social media platforms are created equal. Some are geared more towards professionals, some are geared more towards a younger generation, and some are popular enough you get a wide mix of members.

2. Am I creating content on my blog that's worth sharing?

Your social media marketing efforts will go fruitless if your content isn’t worth sharing. It’s got to be informative, unique and interesting – something that has the chance to create a buzz.

3. Am I actively working to expand my network?

Social media marketing requires some work. You have to actively work at expanding your reach by gaining more friends or followers. As your network grows, this should help you improve the amount of shares or likes or retweets you get. Many of us have or think about buying more shares, retweets, likes or followers, which brings up a great question…

SEM for your blog

Should I Buy Social Media Shares, Likes or Followers?

In short, I say, Yes you should! Let’s be real, it sucks seeing 1 or 2 followers or no likes despite your best efforts… Getting some, albeit fake, likes or followers can be a moral booster. It also gets you away from focusing on something that doesn’t really matter – your social media status…

Your social status is ultimately pointless, you don’t make any more money from your products or services you offer based on how many followers you have. However, if you get away from focusing on that and focus on the stuff that may have a real positive impact on your products for sale or services you offer, like creating good content or useful information, your social media groove will improve naturally over time. So get it out of the way, buy a bunch of likes and a bunch of followers – then focus on the stuff that’s going to get you conversions.