Pay Per Click Management


PPC or SEO? Pros & Cons for Both

PPC is an excellent option to get some brand recognition out there. It can also help get you in front of some searchers on really competitive keywords. However, it never ends, it gets expensive as those keywords inevitably climb in cost – the money you pay never stops if you can’t get rank well with search engine optimization. There’s a balance to be had, where you can target some keywords with PPC, and work on your SEO as well.


Ultimately, you’ll get 20 times more traffic using SEO vs PPC according to a Moz study. This stat alone should push you towards SEO, even if PPC is the right choice for now. The only real negative on SEO is you don’t get the instant gratification like you do with PPC, but you do get better long term results. Contact us if you’re interested in finding out more!

Google AdWords

Google offers Adwords and we can help you set it up, using the best, cost effective, keywords.

Keyword Research

Whether you’re going with PPC or looking to improve your SEO, keyword research is key.

seo vs ppc infographic

The Role Of PPC Advertising

Most small businesses and startups can’t afford to solely rely on PPC advertising. It’s too expensive, and bid
amounts inevitably go up, which never ends if you can’t rank well with search engine optimization. However, pay per click can fill a few important roles.


Profitable Pay Per Click Requires Excellent Strategic Planning

PPC can work for you, and you can make a profit despite the PPC options costing your money. The key is to find the right mix of keywords that reach real potential customers and having a website that closes the deal once they click on your ad. We know how to help lower your customer acquisition costs, especially with PPC. We also can simultaneously work on your SEO and improve your ranking so that eventually you can get out of the money pit of PPC.

Track Conversions

There’s no sense just throwing good money at PPC. You need a solid game plan going in with quality research on keywords. You then need to track conversions to see if you’re getting a bang for your buck.

Manage Your PPC Dollars

Anyone can get you traffic with enough PPC dollars. Our specialty is getting you fantastic results with a sensible PPC budget. Again, we target and specifically market our services for startups and small businesses.

Find Niche Keywords

To make a sensible PPC budget work, you need top notch keyword research. A solid long-tail keyword strategy can really create a lot of bang for your PPC dollars.

Content is King

Once you get a click on PPC, you get a cost… The trick is to convert that visit into a customer. Having a quality website, optimized with good content that’s interesting are all key in improving your conversions. We can help you make that happen!