New and Improved Moz Domain Authority Coming

moz domain authority update

Earlier in February, Moz came out with a post stating a new and improved Domain Authority (DA) was coming in March. So what’s that mean for you?

According to Moz, they greatly improved the ranking factors behind domain authority, and as it sounds, they are incorporating spam score and a more in depth analysis on link quality along with traffic and other factors. They also mentioned they’ll be able to update domain authority as often as Google updates happen. Ultimately, they are trying to deliver a more trustworthy and overall better metric in the value (in relation to links) of a domain name.

I think Domain Authority is great metric, but it’s just 1 of many metrics. The changes, which are set to roll out on March 5th, will have an impact on many websites and potentially a big impact. To the common small business owner, this will have little impact on you realistically. It doesn’t change any of your google rankings – it’s really just 1 of many metrics SEOs use – but it’s still exciting due to the fact that potentially big changes in values of websites will happen when this update happens.

values of websitesOvernight, the values of websites are going to change and that’s where it gets interesting. Most small business owners don’t know and don’t care what Domain Authority is, and honestly they really shouldn’t focus on it. But their website could instantly be worth more or less to those who put a lot of stock in Moz’s metrics. So that makes it worth watching out for if for no other reason.

Check back in on March 5th and we’ll let you know what our thoughts are of the update. Until then, everything else is just speculation. Our fingers are crossed that the update will provide a more honest and trustworthy measure of a domain name. See you on March 5th!